GUEST POST: Helping you automate feedback to drive profit

Published by Well iQ CEO Peter Harnish & COO Scott Strother

As healthcare becomes more consumerized, and patients have easy access to information and low switching costs, getting tangible feedback and improving your public review site ratings has never been more important in order to compete and thrive as a practice. But getting consistent and useful feedback can be daunting, cumbersome and costly. How often do you request it? Is the process manual? Are the surveys tailored to the patient’s specific experience? How do you resource responding to feedback?

The Well iQ patient survey platform answers these questions and is fully integrated with the MEDENT EHR to automatically send surveys in real- time to patients receiving care. Data is captured in an administrative dashboard and survey results are put back into the MEDENT patient record- making it easy to be proactive to your patients’ needs. The interface is free for MEDENT clients and the setup process is simple.

The surveys provide you with feedback on organizational, departmental and staff level performance. The administrative dashboard provides extensive monitoring and reporting capabilities- as well as real- time service recovery opportunities. In addition to encouraging patients to leave public reviews after completing the survey, we also provide the practice tools to help manage and respond to those reviews, which is an important step in reputation management. The Well iQ solution helps you drive profits for your practice by:

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The onboarding process is quite simple and facilitates the adding of staff, departments, and locations. We then use MEDENT appointment codes to determine what surveys get launched at each location, as well as when and how often surveys get launched. Surveys are then launched automatically, and all survey data is captured in the Well iQ administrative dashboard. Finally, all survey results are put back into the MEDENT patient record.

Results we have delivered for MEDENT practices:

We accomplish this by making the surveys simple and the data useful. Instead of typical surveys that use radio buttons and cascading questions, we use pictures instead of names, which make it easier for patients to remember who impacted their experience. We use behavioral endorsement badges, instead of questions, which patients use to provide feedback. This reduces survey fatigue and ensures high completion rates. The entire survey process can be incentivized and the entire experience is seamless and easy for the user.

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Public Reviews of MEDENT Clients:

*Reviews collected November 2020 through January 2021 with MEDENT & Well iQ.