Message Central: Optimize your role at your practice

We will provide several examples of Message Central setups that suit different roles at your practice. In the meantime, check out this general overview of Message Central: Due to popular demand, Part 3 of our Better Billing Series will focus on Eligibility. At 12 p.m. EST, Wednesday, May 18th, MEDENT ECS expert Christie Hamilton

Well iQ’s Prove It program delivers massive value for FREE

Well iQ’s Prove It program delivers massive value for FREE Over the last year, you may have seen a webinar or email referencing Well iQ. By completely automating patient feedback, the Well iQ patient feedback platform has been delivering unprecedented value and incredible results to each, and every, MEDENT client. Well iQ has significantly increased

IdenTrust Mobile Fix

As of 2:45 p.m. Monday, April 25, 2022, the production issue with IdenTrust Mobile App for multi-factor authentication has been resolved. NOTE: Users will need to log out of MEDENT and start new sessions for the fix to take effect. Any MEDENT sessions started prior to 2:45 p.m. will continue to have the issue. To

IdenTrust Mobile App Error

MEDENT is aware of an IdenTrust error when using the IdenTrust Mobile App for multi-factor authentication when ePrescribing a controlled substance. Our team is working with IdenTrust to identify and resolve the issue. We will send out follow up notification when the issue has been resolved. Should you have further questions or concerns regarding the

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MEDENT Medication Features Advanced Drug & eRx 4 Videos MEDENT’s SIG Alerts 2:05 MEDENT’s Patient Wallet 1:31 Cash-Pay Discount Card 0:48 RxBenefit Clarity 1:18 Watch our videos to learn more about MEDENT’s SIG Alerts, Patient Wallet, Cash Discount Card and RxBenefit Clarity. Missed Part One? Get caught up on MEDENT’s Daily Billing Summary Admin