Although generalized into a single name, RYUK, the recent attacks are expressing themselves in a broad spectrum of venues and names. There is not a new singular vulnerability but an up-scaled effort across the spectrum in well-known vulnerabilities, such as outdated OS’s and social engineering (phishing,etc). […]
Thank you to our partners at HIPAA One for providing this useful post! HIPAA laws can be complex and challenging, but they are also increasingly critical for healthcare practices to understand and be in compliance. As more of your practice becomes digital in one form or […]
In a world where practically every establishment can be publicly reviewed online — including medical practices — showcasing your practice’s successful reputation is vital in attracting newcomers. Positive reviews on platforms like Google and Yelp have an enormous influence when it comes to a consumer’s decision making. […]
At MEDENT, we listen and cater to the unique needs of our clients no matter the type or size of the medical practice. We take note of the gaps that slow down your day to develop tools and services that pilot efficiency. This post is to […]
Every person deserves a timely and accurate medical diagnosis, yet between 15 and 20 percent of all diagnoses are wrong.1 While this is an issue that affects all individuals, people of color face even more disparities: When it comes to skin cancer, morbidity and mortality are […]
Guest Post: Being HIPAA Compliant in a Changing World of Health Care HIPAA One provides next-generation privacy & security software that is simple, automated, and affordable for healthcare, payers and business associates. A valued partner of MEDENT’s, HIPAA One provided this article to spread the word […]
MEDENT has partnered with Carisk Partners, a specialty risk transfer, care coordination company, to ultimately provide enhanced management of revenue cycles, faster payment and improved administrative processes. For over 10 years, Carisk Partners has remained MEDENT’s clearinghouse of choice for a seamlessly integrated and trusted end-to-end […]
You asked. We answered. Thanks to the valued feedback of our clients, we’ve implemented a way to allow patients schedule appointments directly from a practice’s website. Tailored to an office’s hours, this feature includes options to add provider profile photos and allow patients to enter insurance […]
Integration to help eliminate common vaccination errors, save staff time, and maximize patient safety This week, TruMed Systems and MEDENT announced the bidirectional integrated solution between the AccuVax Vaccine Management System and MEDENT’s all-in-one EHR system for healthcare professionals. The AccuVax-MEDENT integration enhances patient safety, as […]

Our partners at Patient360 explain what the MIPS program will look like in 2020.