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According to Pew Research, nearly 80% of patients start their healthcare journey online. PracticeBeat helps medical practices capitalize on that journey by maintaining a robust web presence so you can outperform your competitors.

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For a limited time, PracticeBeat offers MEDENT customers complimentary real-time market share data and HIPAA Risk Assessments. MEDENT recommends annual reviews with PracticeBeat.

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Patients Need Trust

Trust begins with what they see.

Your digital image mirrors the care you provide.  

Your practice’s web presence is often the first point of contact with patients (and Google)…and it directly shapes perceptions of credibility and care quality.

Here’s how PracticeBeat aligns with your needs:

Constant New Reviews that Inspire New Patients

By harnessing ongoing patient feedback, we help you continuously enhance the patient experience, turning satisfied patients into powerful advocates for your practice.

Actionable Real-Time Insights that Get Results

Gain practical, data-driven insights on key metrics. This real-time intelligence enables informed decisions, driving tangible results for your practice.

Attention-Grabbing Visibility that Attracts Patients

We transform your website and online profiles into dynamic, accurate and consistent platforms, ensuring they catch the eye of potential patients and deliver impactful results.

Search Performance that Outranks Competition

Your practice will rise in organic search rankings, becoming more visible to patients searching for your specialty or specific healthcare needs.

Elimination of Barriers that Impede Patients

We identify and resolve technical, informational and logistical hurdles, creating a smoother path for patients to access your services.

How does it work?


We Identify Any Market Share Issues & Calculate Your Patient Loss Risk Score for free!


We build you a free wellness plan To stop patient leakage and improve visibility & reputation.


We manage your entire web presence and ensure your Site follows google's best practice.


We review how you're doing quarterly and make adjustments based on competition.

Establishing Your Online Presence

Your practice’s online presence involves many moving parts. A high-performance website is just one of them. 

Online presence is the collective existence of a business or individual that is found online via searches. A medical practice’s online presence can come via its website, social media channels, publications in online journals, provider profiles, memberships to associations listed online and business listings. 

In a 2018 consumer survey, Doctor.com found that four in five adults in the U.S. start their search for a doctor online. A well-maintained online profile contributes to building trust and confidence among current and potential patients. It also can set your practice apart from others, helping you stand out in a crowded field and attract more patients.

Yes! There are several reasons why it can be challenging for a medical practice to maintain a healthy online presence: 

Changing Technologies: The online landscape is constantly evolving with new technologies, platforms and trends. Staying up-to-date and adapting to these changes requires continuous effort and resources.

Time-Consuming: Managing an online presence, including updating a website, creating content, engaging on social media and managing negative reviews demands time that medical staff simply do not have to spare.

Security, Privacy and Compliance Concerns: In addition to ensuring online activity complies with strict privacy and compliance regulations, such as HIPAA, medical practices will want to invest in cybersecurity measures to protect patient information.

Competitive Landscape and Patient Expectations: The healthcare industry is highly competitive and patients today have high expectations for online interactions with practices. Meeting these expectations and distinguishing your practice in a crowded market requires ongoing effort and investment.

There are literally hundreds of ways PracticeBeat helps you manage your online presence and boost your rank and visibility in search results. The good news: our diagnosis and recommendations are free! That means you only pay for whatever PracticeBeat “treatment” plan you choose.

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Email MEDENT’s Ed Regis at edr@medent.com to receive your complimentary real-time market share data and HIPAA Risk Assessment.

MEDENT recommends annual reviews with PracticeBeat.