Eliminate common vaccination errors, save staff time, and maximize patient safety

As the fastest-growing vaccine storage and handling solution at individual clinics, major health systems, and public healthcare facilities throughout the United States, AccuVax is the only vaccine storage and management system that automates vaccine control and integrity, minimizes risks of incorrect vaccine delivery, and optimizes office workflow so that providers can focus on Top of License care.

AccuVax is a MEDENT-integrated solution that includes hardware, software, online reports, software updates, training, 24/7 support and maintenance, and industry-leading security.

How does it work?

Care providers enter immunizations into MEDENT's patient chart. When the immunization is exported, an order containing patient demographics and immunization information will be sent to AccuVax.

The interface then imports a message that coincides with the immunization order that includes NDC, lot number, expiration date, funding source and timestamp. 

After office staff have completed route and selection site details and marked the immunization as "administered," an immunization master file is created.


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3 Challenges for Vaccine Management in 2021

This year brings with it the hope that life will return to normal, from being able to go back to the office and send children to school to being able to travel and socialize again. To ensure these activities are safe, enough people need to get vaccinated against coronavirus (COVID-19). 

It is thought that we need 75 to 85% coverage by mid-year to reach a herd immunity level that would allow a sense of normalcy by the end of 2021. Read on to learn how multiple COVID-19 vaccines, different storage requirements, and social perception will add to the challenges of vaccine management this year. The good news is that there is a way for health practices to overcome these obstacles more easily.

1. Demonstrating the Importance of Vaccines

The COVID-19 vaccination program is more complex and on a greater scale than anything we’ve ever experienced. By comparison, the flu vaccine is a success with around 40 to 50% coverage. In the US alone, we will need to administer over 100 million more doses of COVID-19 vaccines to reach the required herd immunity level to end this pandemic. Although walk-ins make it easier for members of the general public to get vaccinated and can ensure higher rates of immunization, this may not be an option for the COVID-19 vaccine due to limited stock, social distancing requirements, and state communication and regulations.