Hipaa One

HIPAA One is a scalable HIPAA compliance software solution that is simple, automated and affordable. The HIPAA One automated Risk Analysis software suite allows healthcare providers, payers and business associates of all sizes to focus on their important objectives: core competencies, improving compliance and reducing operating costs. As a trusted partner, HIPAA One guarantees your


CoverMyMeds offers solutions to mitigate medication access challenges throughout the entire patient journey. From prescription decision support to electronic prior authorization (ePA), CoverMyMeds technology integrates with MEDENT so the entire care team can save time and improve office efficiencies. Mitigating Prior Authorization Hurdles With our ePA solution, providers and staff can: Auto-start at the point

Signallamp Health

Today, most medical practices are facing lower-than-usual cashflow and substantial lost revenues to support practice operations. This added pressure makes managing patients’ needs between office visits even more challenging. The current state of affairs requires the use of available reimbursements to support practice workflow — including telemedicine. With many patients not seeking routine medical care,


Automated appointment reminders and more … Is your front office staff weighed down with time consuming tasks like manually reminding patients of their appointments? Are your no-show rates resulting in wasted time and lost revenue? Are you looking for new ways to collect patient payments? Are you soliciting patient feedback after their appointment? RevSpring and

Guest Post: Reducing Bias in Medicine

Every person deserves a timely and accurate medical diagnosis, yet between 15 and 20 percent of all diagnoses are wrong.1 While this is an issue that affects all individuals, people of color face even more disparities: When it comes to skin cancer, morbidity and mortality are disproportionately higher among African American and Hispanic individuals.2 Representation

Guest Post: 5 Things You Need to Know About NJ Workers’ Compensation & Auto E-Billing Laws

MEDENT has partnered with Carisk Partners, a specialty risk transfer, care coordination company, to ultimately provide enhanced management of revenue cycles, faster payment and improved administrative processes. For over 10 years, Carisk Partners has remained MEDENT’s clearinghouse of choice for a seamlessly integrated and trusted end-to-end practice management, EHR and e-billing solution for WC and

MEDENT’s newest feature: Online Appointment Scheduling

You asked. We answered. Thanks to the valued feedback of our clients, we’ve implemented a way to allow patients schedule appointments directly from a practice’s website. Tailored to an office’s hours, this feature includes options to add provider profile photos and allow patients to enter insurance information. This feature is available as a no-charge upgrade

MEDENT and AccuVax announce new partnership

Integration to help eliminate common vaccination errors, save staff time, and maximize patient safety This week, TruMed Systems and MEDENT announced the bidirectional integrated solution between the AccuVax Vaccine Management System and MEDENT’s all-in-one EHR system for healthcare professionals. The AccuVax-MEDENT integration enhances patient safety, as it automatically transmits the provider’s immunization order to the