Streamline claims workflows, improve productivity and facilitate faster reimbursement

Automation and Innovation Drive Efficiency and Faster Payments

Automating the revenue cycle end-to-end enables you to gain control of the financial aspects of your practice. Change Healthcare’s Revenue Performance Advisor helps you with every facet, from patient check-in to payment posting. Real-time visibility into eligibility, claim status, rejections and denials streamlines your workflow to facilitate fast reimbursement.

Our network connects you to 2,200-plus government and private payers so you can:

• Verify patient eligibility in real time, either at point of service or submit batch requests for the next day’s roster
• Give patients an estimate/ explanation of what they owe at the point of service to drive upfront collections and patient satisfaction

Claims that are validated and scrubbed before submission get paid faster

• Submit, track, and manage claims faster with advanced search functionality

• Create work queues to update groups of claims or one claim at a time, and assign tasks to others

• Print EOBs and view ERA matched to claims

• Identify gaps between submission and payment

Our solution leverages:

• Artificial intelligence and machine-learning technology to predict which claims are likely to be denied before they are submitted to the payer, so staff can make corrections upstream

• Real-time edits/corrections to rejections and denials for faster resubmission

• Pre-populated appeals letters

• Automatic detection of root issues

• Standardized formats to link original claims to adjudications
• Ability to easily prepare secondary claims based on initial file and primary ERA

Help improve financial performance through enhanced reporting:

• Actionable, real-time analytics drive informed, proactive decisions

• Real-time access to key performance indicators span the entire revenue cycle

• Customizable reports (40+) help identify problem trends before they impact the bottom line, e.g., ‘top ten rejections by payer’

• Performance can be measured throughout
the revenue cycle, e.g., clearinghouses, payers, peers, reimbursements, patient payments, and your practice

Here's how it works:

Optimize your revenue cycle from patient check-in to payment posting.

Our team is ready to get you started!