Video Visit tips and tools

Although these are tough times for everyone, we want to assure our clients that we’re still here for you. In response to the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19, we’re working diligently to assist our customers — many of whom are on the front line of this pandemic — to the best of our ability. On March 21, we decided that one way we could help out was to provide our EMR clients free, unlimited use of our Telehealth / Video Visit product for March, April, May and June.

Due to the feedback so many of you have provided to us, we also recognize that going forward, Video Visits will continue to be an important component of healthcare. As a result, we have decided to replace our original pricing model of $2 per video visit with a flat rate plan of $29 per provider, per month for unlimited Video Visits. The $2 per video visit model will no longer be available.

Beginning July 1, 2020, we will begin billing for the MEDENT Video Visit feature under this new pricing model. If you have already received a new proposal from us, simply sign it and return it to us. If you have not yet contacted us for a new proposal, please utilize our online support feature or call us at 315-255-0900.

Interested in getting started with MEDENT’s Video Visits? Complete a support request for a quote (this product is free for March and April, but this is still a formality we have to follow). When you sign and send us back the quote, we’ll get you up and running.

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