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Why Easy Pay?

MEDENT and Easy Pay Solutions can help practices save time and money when collecting payments by creating a more efficient workflow with fewer user errors. 

Easy Pay Interfaces Available through MEDENT

Patient Portal Payments

Let patients make payments from their Patient Portal account.

Patient Portal eVisit Payments

Let patients pay for an electronic visit completed through Patient Portal.

Kiosk Credit Card Payments

Let patients make credit card payments using a secure EMV credit card device on the MEDENT kiosk.

E-Superbill Credit Card Payments

Import credit card payments made at the office directly into a superbill in MEDENT.

Auto Charge Credit Card Payments

Auto charge a patient credit card that is saved on file with patient consent.

Pay By Phone

Let patients make credit card payments over the phone with RevSpring and Easy Pay.

To get set up with Easy Pay Solutions

call (866) 927-9344 or email