In an attempt to convert to a value-based system, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services rolled out the Merit-based Incentive Payment System, or MIPS. This Quality Payment Program replaced and consolidated the PQRS, Value Based Modifier and Meaningful Use programs.

To avoid a penalty, MIPS requires providers who exceed certain thresholds to report data in three categories: quality, promoting interoperability and improvement activities.

To see if your practice exceeds these thresholds and is mandated to report data, click here.

So, you're eligible to report data.

While reporting MIPS data can seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. As a preferred MIPS reporting partner of MEDENT, Patient360 works with clients to cut the MIPS workload and ultimately save you money.

Once contracted, reporting MIPS with MEDENT and Patient360 takes just a few simple steps:

Set up your clinic

(name, address, TIN, etc.)

Enter your providers

(bulk NPI upload available, or add individually)

Choose your measures

(six quality measures are required by CMS, but you may track up to 12)

Monitor your performance

(periodically check scores and improvements)

Click "Submit to CMS"

(Patient360 performs a final scrub before sending submissions via API to CMS)

Although the size of the practice ultimately determines how severe a penalty is for not reporting data to CMS, signing up with Patient360 and MEDENT can save you thousands.

MEDENT users can save cash!

A MEDENT preferred rate of $250 per clinician per year includes:

To view your QPP participation status by performance year:

Published by Amanda Lord, COO & Operating Partner of Patient360

The 2021 Quality Payment Program Final Rule has been released! This is typically a governmentally dense read. So, if you prefer “cheat sheets,” there are some useful resources available that make comparisons and have tables conveying basic updates to be well prepared for the 2021 Quality Payment Program.

In short, 2021 brings mostly what was expected with MIPS requirements being very manageable. There are a few minor changes in terms of point allocation and category scoring percentages, but not much else has changed for 2021 MIPS reporting. There is also detail regarding a number of updates for APM Performance Pathway (APP) reporting and the future MIPS Value Pathway (MVP) program, which has been pushed to 2022. Below is a quick bullet list from the CMS Fact Sheet: