Today, most medical practices are facing lower-than-usual cashflow and substantial lost revenues to support practice operations. This added pressure makes managing patients’ needs between office visits even more challenging.

The current state of affairs requires the use of available reimbursements to support practice workflow — including telemedicine. With many patients not seeking routine medical care, Signallamp’s proactive outreach generates new net revenue and facilitates a telehealth visit between patient and provider at your practice. Many Medent EMR/EHR users are benefiting from additional nurse resources for their practices.

Why Signallamp Health?

Signallamp Health can help organizations like yours remain viable, allowing you to direct your focus on all impacts of COVID-19. As MEDENT’s care management partner, Signallamp works as an extension of your practice, bringing the scale to serve thousands of patients in care management programs. Signallamp dedicates nurse resources to patients in need. We build on the patient-physician trust to enhance patient care, engage the patient in their own good health and deliver better health outcomes.  Execution is our focus — targeting new revenue, driving ancillary services, and helping providers adjust to the post-COVID healthcare world.  

Now more than ever is the time to entertain new partnership discussions to ensure the health of your organization. 

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