In a world where practically every establishment can be publicly reviewed online — including medical practices — showcasing your practice’s successful reputation is vital in attracting newcomers. Positive reviews on platforms like Google and Yelp have an enormous influence when it comes to a consumer’s decision making. By giving patients the opportunity to give real-time feedback on their patient experience with Well iQ’s simple, user-friendly surveys, your practice’s number of five star reviews is set to grow significantly. 

While an increase in positive reviews ultimately solidifies your practice’s reputation, the power of Well iQ doesn’t stop there. We’ve collaborated with the Well iQ team to bring you an educational webinar series on this transformational MEDENT interface. Be sure to check out these 20 minute videos to learn about how Well iQ builds on your practice’s patient experience, organizational culture, and marketing strategies.

Patient Experience

Presented by Peter Harnish

Marketing Your Practice

Presented by Vikash Sanyal

Building Organizational Culture

Presented by Scott Strother



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