Family health practice sees positive feedback surge in just one week

We’ve all done it. When we discover a new business or restaurant, checking its online reviews on Google and Yelp can have an enormous influence on our decision making. Consumers like listening to other consumers, and when they see an establishment flourishing in positive reviews online, they take that as a sign of trust. This same business practice translates to the healthcare industry.

Prior to getting started with Well iQ, Green Hill Family Health Center had not received many recent reviews and was impacted by a few one-star ratings. In just one week, the Pennsylvania health practice saw big results. Green Hill saw massive jumps in its five-star ratings, survey completion rates, and total number of reviews. Up from 3.6, the practice’s Google rating now stands tall at 4.4 out of 5.

“I didn’t have to take my time to write up questions for a survey, making sure these are easy to understand for our patients,” said Green Hill Practice Manager Beth Pepperman. “I didn’t have to import these into MEDENT when they were completed. With Well iQ and MEDENT, this just happens.”

Fully integrated into MEDENT’s EMR, Well iQ allows patients to leave real-time digital reviews, which can be monitored in a full administrative dashboard. 

“The best part is we get 15 Improvement Activity points (towards MIPS) for doing nothing, other than what we have always done: take care of our patients,” said Pepperman. “This is a win-win in my book.” 

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In addition to their 30- day free pilot, Well iQ is offering a 5% discount on any licensing agreements signed by December 31, 2020 (latest launch date March 2021)



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