Although generalized into a single name, RYUK, the recent attacks are expressing themselves in a broad spectrum of venues and names. There is not a new singular vulnerability but an up-scaled effort across the spectrum in well-known vulnerabilities, such as outdated OS’s and social engineering (phishing,etc).

MEDENT STATUS: The MEDENT data centers (CLOUD, EPRESCRIBE, MOBILE, PORTAL, etc) are secure and clear of infection. MEDENT is aware of the recent ransomware up tick and has set forth the following response:

Contact your security vendor or IT staff and make sure they are aware of recent threat. In particular, ensure all desktop pc’s and mobile devices are up to date and have anti malware which includes ransomware protection. Also, social engineering is a moving aggressive target… safe email practices should be practiced and communicated. Email systems that scan embedded links are ideal.

MEDENT Actions:

• MEDENT is reviewing the information regarding recent attacks and digesting information as it is released.
• MEDENT is continuing its rigorous update to all systems, forward facing and internal.
• MEDENT is sharpening ransomware implementations as a top priority and re-educating our population regarding social engineering and the current elevated threat.

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