The UDS Patient-Level Submission (UDS+) is an implementation of recent UDS modernization efforts.

MEDENT is aware of these changes and actively involved with the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) and the UDS Test Cooperative (UTC).

According to HRSA, the UDS Modernization Initiative aims to reduce reporting burden, improve data quality, and better measure program services and outcomes. The goal is to expand the value of UDS data to the Health Center Program while improving how health centers prepare and submit UDS data by focusing on four main areas:

  • Reporting Modernization. Improve UDS reporting through advances in health information technology. This effort includes the UDS Patient Level Submission (UDS+) Initiative to transform aggregation of UDS clinical quality measures from health center- to patient-level data for the 2023 UDS report.
  • Content Review. Update UDS tables and content to improve data standardization and quality, including clinical quality measure (CQM) alignment.
  • Stakeholder Engagement. Get feedback from UDS stakeholders on proposed changes to UDS reporting processes, tables, and measures.
  • Testing. Before implementing changes, testing innovations with health centers through the UDS Test Cooperative (UTC).

For more detailed information about the initiative, visit UDS Modernization Frequently Asked Questions.



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