May 8, 2023

The Stats Speak for Themselves

MEDENT and FocusMD’s HealthxSolutions interface and full engagement service offers medical practices a comprehensive Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution.

This can help practices in several ways, including:

Improved Patient Care

Continuous monitoring of vital signs can help doctors detect and address changes in a patient's health status in real-time. This enables doctors to intervene earlier and prevent the progression of a disease and hospitalization.

Increased Efficiency

Reduce the need for in-person visits, which can save the patient and provider time and money. Patients can easily monitor their health status from home while doctors can review the data remotely, providing care only when necessary.

Enhanced Revenue

Practices can bill for remote monitoring services, increasing their revenue stream. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) also offers reimbursement for certain RPM services, providing another revenue opportunity.

Improved Patient Engagement

Patients are more engaged in their care when they have access to their own health data. With the HealthxSolutions interface, patients can monitor their health status, track progress and communicate with their healthcare provides more easily.

A patient satisfaction survey of 90 patients who participated in full engagement services with FocusMD found:

The RPM Devise was easy to use.

86 patients agreed, 0 disagreed and 4 replied not applicable. 

My Care Manager was professional and made me feel comfortable.

86 patients agreed, 0 disagreed and 4 replied not applicable. 

The RPM Program made me feel supported by my healthcare team.

86 patients agreed, 0 disagreed and 4 replied not applicable. 

I was more involved in my care while utilizing Remote Monitoring.

84 patients agreed, 1 disagreed and 5 replied not applicable. 

I was more confident in dealing with my chronic conditions.

85 patients agreed, 1 disagreed and 4 replied not applicable. 

I would recommend the RPM service to a family member or friend.

82 patients agreed, 1 disagreed and 7 replied not applicable. 

Overall, I am satisfied with the RPM Program.

85 patients agreed, 0 disagreed and 5 replied not applicable. 

I plan to continue on the RPM Program.

86 patients agreed, 0 disagreed and 4 replied not applicable. 

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How MEDENT and FocusMD Can Help

Powered by FocusMD, MEDENT’s HealthxSolutions interface lets practices import vitals information from RPM devices into a patient’s chart. There are three RPM solutions a practice can choose from:

Partial Engagement
  • Practice Evaluation
  • Patient Engagement
  • RPM Software & MEDENT Integration
Full Engagement
  • Practice Evaluation
  • Care Management via FocusMD nurses
  • Patient Engagement
  • RPM Software & MEDENT Integration
Software Only
  • RPM Software & MEDENT Integration

How It Works

Full Engagement

Run MEDENT Reports

Using MEDENT’s DMHM reports, FocusMD checks to see if the patient has had an appointment within the past 12 months and if they have an upcoming appointment.

Contact Patient & Alert office

FocusMD contacts the patient directly and adds an alert to their MEDENT chart, which states that the patient meets RPM criteria and recommends an appropriate device.

ORDER DEVICE & Start tracking

Scan the device’s barcode to instantly import its information into the patient’s chart. Devices are cellularly connected so vitals data and notes will flow directly into MEDENT.

FocusMD's Process

Once an order is created, it flows directly into the FocusMD RPM Dashboard where nurses from FocusMD can monitor all patients.

A FocusMD representative will educate each patient on how to use the different devices and care managers will reach out to patients at least 20 minutes each month and ensure patients are using the device at least 16 days a month to meet criteria for billing.

1 %

Reduction in 30-day hospital readmission rate for Heart Failure, COPD and Diabetes.

Source: Advisory Board

"The FocusMD team does a good job of identifying patients who are eligible for the program and contacting these patients to review the program with them. Their communication is solid. The team goes above and beyond to provide support to the practice."
Bartolomucci Family Practice
Greensburg, Pennsylvania



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