Surescripts to reject prescriptions with invalid Quantity Form

On September 1, 2022, Surescripts will reject any prescription that has an invalid Quantity Form or Quantity Qualifier. “15 ML” is a valid Quantity Form whereas “1 Bottle” or “1 Box” are not. If Surescripts returns an error due to an invalid Quantity Form, the quantity in the prescription will need to be updated to

Message Central: Optimize your role at your practice

We will provide several examples of Message Central setups that suit different roles at your practice. In the meantime, check out this general overview of Message Central: Due to popular demand, Part 3 of our Better Billing Series will focus on Eligibility. At 12 p.m. EST, Wednesday, May 18th, MEDENT ECS expert Christie Hamilton

Attention ePrescribers!

See MEDENT’s SIG Alerts in Action We encourage all MEDENT ePrescribers to watch our video to better understand why these notifications were required. Don’t let SIG Alerts interrupt your workflow. With an upcoming MEDENT update, MEDENT will alert prescribers if a SIG is not well-structured. Be proactive! Allow other users to remove invalid SIGs

Let patients book appointments from your practice website

FREE WEBINAR Online Scheduling REGISTER Are you a MEDENT client? Be sure to watch our video tutorial on Online Appointment Scheduling Setup. Just click the main notification menu at the top right of MEDENT and select “Help and Video Tutorials” to see our full list videos. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on