You can’t improve the patient experience until you can measure the patient experience

Well iQ is a consumer-friendly way for patients to provide real-time feedback on staff performance. This easy-to-use patient feedback tool is fully integrated into the MEDENT system and helps healthcare organizations understand, strengthen and encourage positive interactions between patients and staff.

With Well iQ, patients know they’re being heard, and employees know they’re being valued.

Empower employees to be accountable for the patient experience by recognizing and rewarding them for their performance.

With some areas exceeding 20%, healthcare employee turnover is among the highest of any industry; just a 1- point improvement translates to thousands of dollars in savings for many healthcare institutions.

Empower patients who want to share their positive experiences with others via social media and public review sites.

More than 95% of patients use public reviews to determine their choice of healthcare providers. Improvement in this area can save even the smallest healthcare institution thousands of dollars in marketing expenses.

Empower your practice by automatically qualifying for all 15 points of MIPS Improvement Activities.

Not only can this result in a 9% bonus on every Medicare claim you file, it can avoid a 9% penalty for organizations that don’t meet CMS value- based care requirements.

Create a culture of transparency and recognition that attracts patients and engages employees.

The consumerization of healthcare is creating an environment in which patients have easy access to information, low switching costs and high service expectations. In order to compete, your organization must drive profits by taking advantage of your most important asset: your employees’ positive impact on patient experience. Having a way to link, empower and engage patients and employees can pay tangible dividends. We help build healthy organizations by creating a culture of recognition.

Published by Well iQ CEO Peter Harnish & COO Scott Strother

As healthcare becomes more consumerized, and patients have easy access to information and low switching costs, getting tangible feedback and improving your public review site ratings has never been more important in order to compete and thrive as a practice. But getting consistent and useful feedback can be daunting, cumbersome and costly. How often do you request it? Is the process manual? Are the surveys tailored to the patient’s specific experience? How do you resource responding to feedback?

The Well iQ patient survey platform answers these questions and is fully integrated with the MEDENT EHR to automatically send surveys in real- time to patients receiving care. Data is captured in an administrative dashboard and survey results are put back into the MEDENT patient record- making it easy to be proactive to your patients’ needs. The interface is free for MEDENT clients and the setup process is simple.

The surveys provide you with feedback on organizational, departmental and staff level performance. The administrative dashboard provides extensive monitoring and reporting capabilities- as well as real- time service recovery opportunities. In addition to encouraging patients to leave public reviews after completing the survey, we also provide the practice tools to help manage and respond to those reviews, which is an important step in reputation management. The Well iQ solution helps you drive profits for your practice by: