RPA Migration to Amazon Web Services

Change Healthcare is working to migrate RPA clients to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. Migration to this industry-leading platform will enable CHC to provide more consistent system availability and performance, rapid deployment of new product features and enhanced security controls.

MEDENT practices are scheduled to migrate to using their new AWS site over the next two weeks. This migration requires a change in the SFTP connection from the existing secureftp.capario.net to the new URL: secureftp.rpa.changehealthcare.com.

In preparation for this change, clients should contact their IT Departments to make sure their network will not block the new URL: secureftp.rpa.changehealthcare.com. When the time comes to switch clients to the new URL, MEDENT will handle the change. The switch should be unnoticeable as long as your network is not blocking the connection.

The change to AWS does not affect your billing processes in MEDENT nor the RPA Portal online. These will remain the same.



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