Published by Amanda Lord, COO & Operating Partner of Patient360

The 2021 Quality Payment Program Final Rule has been released! This is typically a governmentally dense read. So, if you prefer “cheat sheets,” there are some useful resources available that make comparisons and have tables conveying basic updates to be well prepared for the 2021 Quality Payment Program

Published by Well iQ CEO Peter Harnish & COO Scott Strother

As healthcare becomes more consumerized, and patients have easy access to information and low switching costs, getting tangible feedback and improving your public review site ratings has never been more important in order to compete and thrive as a practice. But getting consistent and useful feedback can be daunting, cumbersome and costly. How often do you request it? Is the process manual? Are the surveys tailored to the patient’s specific experience? How do you resource responding to feedback?

Published by Change Healthcare

Physician practices can ill-afford to leave money on the table in today’s unforgiving healthcare environment. Yet denied claims continue to be an often-significant source of revenue loss for may provider organizations. By some estimates, the 5-to-10% of medical claims rejected by insurance companies account for 90% of a practice’s missed revenue opportunities. 

Published by AccuVax

This year brings with it the hope that life will return to normal, from being able to go back to the office and send children to school to being able to travel and socialize again. To ensure these activities are safe, enough people need to get vaccinated against coronavirus (COVID-19). 



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