We will provide several examples of Message Central setups that suit different roles at your practice. In the meantime, check out this general overview of Message Central: https://www.medent.com/tutorials_mp4/NEWMessage_Central.mp4 Due to popular demand, Part 3 of our Better Billing Series will focus on Eligibility. At 12 p.m. […]
See MEDENT’s SIG Alerts in Action https://www.medent.com/tutorials_mp4/SIG_Alerts.mp4 We encourage all MEDENT ePrescribers to watch our video to better understand why these notifications were required. Don’t let SIG Alerts interrupt your workflow. With an upcoming MEDENT update, MEDENT will alert prescribers if a SIG is not well-structured. […]
FREE WEBINAR Online Scheduling REGISTER https://youtu.be/UToP60VN78chttps://youtu.be/FNs8rSZZMFA Are you a MEDENT client? Be sure to watch our video tutorial on Online Appointment Scheduling Setup. Just click the main notification menu at the top right of MEDENT and select “Help and Video Tutorials” to see our full list […]
FREE WEBINAR Daily Billing Summary & Patient Estimates REGISTER Guest Post HHS Kicks Off New Year with New Protections from Surprise Guest Post No Surprises: Understand your rights against surprise medical bills
Published by Amanda Lord, COO & Operating Partner of Patient360 The 2021 Quality Payment Program Final Rule has been released! This is typically a governmentally dense read. So, if you prefer “cheat sheets,” there are some useful resources available that make comparisons and have tables conveying basic updates […]
This fall, MEDENT v23.5 is coming. Import Risk Assessment Insurance Enhancements Improved RPA Autopost Exception Report Multi-user Progress Note “Collaborative Editor” Community Chart Documents in Patient Chart No Dx Plan Packages New Session Button Procedures Enhanced Surgical Book Planner Pack Years Calculator MEDENT Mobile Hospital Rounds […]
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Need to add a new provider? There’s a form for that! Now, you can complete an electronic form to add new providers. Simply click the Support Tab on our website and fill out the New Provider Form. This will send your request directly to our Support […]